Saturday, 25 February 2017

Heidelberg car attack injures three per BBC News

Here we go again?

'Three people have been injured in the German city of Heidelberg after a man drove a car into a pedestrian area.

The attacker, who was believed to have been armed with a knife, was shot and injured by police in a brief standoff after fleeing the scene on foot.

His motives are unclear, but terrorism is not suspected and he is thought to have acted alone, police say.

In December an attacker drove a lorry into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring more than 50.

Police were unable to confirm local media reports that the Heidelberg attacker was mentally disturbed.'

BBC article here

The two lines that made my jaw drop were these:

'His motives are unclear, but terrorism is not suspected and he is thought to have acted alone, police say.

In December an attacker drove a lorry into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring more than 50.'

Terrorism is not suspected by whom? I suspect it might be terrorism. Nicely done saying terrorism not suspected in this instance and then not mentioning that terrorism was a factor in the Berlin attack.

The BBC disgust me yet again.

BBC bureau chief in Washington, Paul Danahar, is a comedy genius!

'BBC bureau chief in Washington, Paul Danahar, said: "We understand that there may be occasions when, due to space or circumstances, the White House restricts press events to the established pool. However, what happened today did not fit into that pattern."He added: "Our reporting will remain fair and impartial, regardless."'

The BBC's reporting of US politics - 'fair and impartial' ? That's one of the funniest claims of this year.

More from the biased BBC here

Friday, 24 February 2017

Report: Attackers saw off Jewish man’s finger, beat his brother near Paris per The Times of Israel

'Two Jewish brothers said they were abducted briefly and beaten by several men in suburban Paris in an incident that ended with one brother having his finger sawed off by an assailant.

The brothers were hospitalized in what was described as a state of shock following the incident Tuesday night in Bondy.

A casereport published Thursday by the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, based on a police complaint by the alleged victims did not specify their medical condition.

The kippah-wearing brothers, whose father is a Jewish leader in Bondy, were forced off the main road by another vehicle on to a side street, according to the BNVCA report. While the vehicle was in motion, the driver and a passenger shouted anti-Semitic slogans at the brothers that included "Dirty Jews, You're going to die!" the father told BNVCA based on the complaint filed by his sons.

The vehicle forced the brothers to stop their car, and they were surrounded by several men whom they described as having a Middle Eastern appearance. The men came out of a hookah café on to the side street, according to the case report published by the news website JSSNews.

The alleged attackers surrounded the brothers, then kicked and punched them repeatedly while threatening that they would be murdered if they moved. One of the alleged attackers then sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.'

You can read more about this here but obviously not at all on the BBC where the mention of the attackers being of Middle Eastern appearance makes this reporting this story strictly verboten.

After my election I have more flexibility

A reminder of when a US President let slip something when talking to the President of Russia but most of the world's media yawned.

BHO: After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit the information to Vladimir (Putin). I understand you.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

What encourages Islamic radicalisation? What doesn't?

This comment from KafirMe on neatly sums up where we are now.

'Putting restrictions on Muslims traveling to the West encourages radicalisation as the West is so bigoted. Not putting restrictions on Muslims traveling to the West encourages radicalisation because the West is so bigoted towards them when they arrive.

Criticising Islam (i.e. Islamaphobia) encourages radicalisation as it risks alientating the Muslim community. Not criticising Islam (i.e. Islamaphilia) encourages radicalisation because it reinforces that the crackpot doctrine is correct.

Criticising Islamic terrorists encourages radicalisation as it alientates the Muslim community. Not criticising Islamic terrorists encourages radicalisation as it embodlens their actions.

Drawing cartoons of Mo encourages radicalisation. Not allowing halal products encourages radicalisation. Not allowing a call to prayer encourages radicalisation. Not allowing sharia courts encourages radicalisation. Insisting that women are not possesions or sex slaves encourages radicalisation as it show a lack of respect to the culture. All these things risk alientating the Muslim community

Interveaning in Middle East dictatorships and bloodbaths encourages radicalisation as it is the West meddling in Muslim lands. Not interveaning in Middle East dictatorships and bloodbaths (or letting migrants in en masse) encourages radicalisation as the West is complicit in the the butchering of Muslims.

Arresting and jailing loony terrorists or hate preachers encourages radicalisation as it risks alientating the Muslim community. Not arresting and jailing loony terrorists or hate preachers encourages radicalisation as it emboldens them……

It is almost like, short of accepting dhimmitude, bowing down to Islam and paying the jyzra, anything any non-Muslim says or does encourages radicalisation in some way, shape or form.Perhaps one day it will dawn on us that maybe we're not the entire problem.'

Taken from here

Do you want to earn $10,000? "#CNNLeaks: Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN"

Please someone within the BBC!

Is Donald Trump a racist?

It's odd that Donald Trump was never called a racist until he became the Republican Party's Presidential candidate and then President of the United States of America.

When I say odd, I do of course mean entirely predictable...

Who are Project Veritas's Next Target? CNN?

I hope that you remember Project Veritas's expose of the Democratic Party during the recent US Presidential Election. It seems as though they may have another expose and this time it's of a major news organisation. I'd like that to be the biased BBC but CNN will do. Fingers crossed...

"I know how it starts and I know how it ends"

"I'm a political refugee from Iran. I've been to prison, I've been under Islamic law and I know how it starts and I know how it ends. And it always starts, for some reason, with the unity of the left and Islamists... and I'm beginning to get really scared.... It looks like they're going to basically appease Islamists just to not raise any ruckus, they're going to appease them step by step and they're not going to stop. They see it as a sign of weakness, so they're going to take more and more... "

Listen to all of those interviewed in that piece of vox pop, voices you won't hear on the BBC or other pro Muslim immigration media.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Leaked Report: Six Million Migrants Want To Enter Europe

Breitbart reports that:

'A leaked secret report from the German security authorities has revealed that almost six million migrants from countries around the Mediterranean want to enter Europe.

The report, which was obtained by German tabloid Bild, claims that there are at least 5.95 million migrants in countries around the Mediterranean who are seeking to enter Europe. In Turkey alone, the report estimates there to be 2.93 million migrants who have set their sights on the benefits of being an asylum seeker in a western European country like Germany OE24 reports.'

Don't expect to read anything about this on the pro unlimited immigration BBC.

More good news about the UK economy

There's more good news about the UK economy this morning. 

UK GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2016 has been revised higher this morning to +0.7%, higher than the expected +0.6%. The Office for National Statistics revealed export growth of 4.1%, which alongside a fall in imports of 0.4% means net trade added 1.3% to growth.

Not a word on the institutionally anti Brexit BBC homepage as yet. Are they trying to find a Remoaner to explain why this is a) despite Brexit and/or b) actually bad news.

Do you remember when Barack Obama told Russia's Medvedev that he'd have 'more flexibility' after the election?

Oddly I don't remember the BBC, CNN, MSNBC being outraged by Barack Hussein Obama's comments to Mr Medvedev, that he said he would pass on the Vladimir Putin.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The media have the scalp of Milo Yiannopoulos

The BBC will be exultant that Milo
Yiannopoulos's star has been dimmed.

Breitbart have the report

I'd like to see the video before I pass comment.

British suicide bomber dies in attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul per BBC News

The BBC report that:

'A British IS fighter who died in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, the BBC understands.'

A former Guantanamo Bay detainee? That's really odd as the BBC have been ever so careful to ensure that the British public believe that Guantanamo Bay was full of innocent people.

Hospital cuts planned in most of England per BBC News - subtext "So vote Labour"

This BBC report coming out today has absolutely nothing to do with the two by elections that Labour are desperately trying to win, absolutely nothing.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Nikki Haley moves to near the top of the BBC hate list with this press conference comment

The new American Ambassador to the United Nations dares to speak the truth about the United Nations and its obsession with Israel. The institutionally anti Israel BBC won't like that.

Police: "No Evidence" Brexit Caused Spike in Hate Crime per Guido Fawkes

'Essex Police, one of the country's largest police forces, has sent out a statement denying a link between the referendum result and the rise in hate crime reported last week. They believe the increased figures are caused by an increase in reporting:

"There is no evidence to suggest any increase has been specifically and directly caused by any one event or issue… There has been an increase in reports of alleged hate crime across Essex, which mirrors a national trend. Hate crime is significantly under-reported and we believe that greater awareness and confidence in the police response has contributed to these increases in reporting."'

I look forward to the BBC reporting this. Except they won't as there's an anti Brexit narrative to push.

Guido article here

Trump tries to explain remark about Sweden amid confusion per BBC News

This BBC report is yet another of the BBC's incessant anti President Donald Trump pieces. The BBC are desperate to ridicule the new American President, to attack him whenever possible and to ensure that the British public is fed an unending diet of anti Trump articles.

This one concerns what seems to have been a slip of the tongue in a speech by the new democratically elected President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, regarding Sweden.

President Donald Trump has clarified his comments. Apparently he was referring to a programme on Fox News about Sweden's problems which had been aired "last night". 

That seems plausible and enough to put this line of attack to bed, but the BBC have an agenda to push.

Oddly enough I don't remember the BBC being so keen to report Barack Hussein Obama's misspeaks, did they even mention the hilarious time when the Obamamessiah forgot how many states there are in the United States of America? Here's the video  Surely that was worth showing. If it had been George W. Bush or Donald Trump then you would have seen or heard it endlessly on Have I Got News For You and The News Quiz but as it's Barack Obama, not a mention.
Please note that this does not mean that the BBC is in any way biased against Republican Presidents, the BBC is completely impartial at all times...

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Brexit: Mandelson urges Lords not to 'throw in towel' per BBC News but no mention of the EU pension obviously

This BBC report about Peter Mandleson's urging of the House of Lords to, in effect, ignore the EU Referendum result omits the surely pertinent fact that the former EU Commissioner is, or will be, in receipt of a large EU pension. This pension can be withheld if he went against the interests of the EU, forgetting the interests of the United Kingdom.

"BBC bias reporting on refugees"

This is how the BBC manipulate the news for their own ends.

As an aside, why didn't these 'refugees' want to be processed properly? Do they have something to hide?

Comment of the week on Biased BBC

'I was thinking the other day about how the alt-left media and a certain US political party have become so obsessed with so-called 'interference in sovereign elections from foreign parts' (i.e. supposedly from Russia) but without much evidence to show that direct interference took place in the recent US presidential election. Our own BBC has not been behind the gate in supporting the view that interference took place, and is to be condemned.

Hmmmmm. if I recall correctly, the Guardian newspaper from the UK interfered absolutely directly in 2004 in the US presidential election, attempting (ultimately unsuccessfully) to browbeat voters in Clark County, Ohio, to cast their votes against George Bush.

I don't remember any great brouhaha and outright condemnation at the time against the behaviour of the Guardian by any alt-left media… and absolutely NOT from our gloriously unbiased BBC – in fact IIRC, the BBC was more concerned that the Guardian had actually won Ohio for Bush.

Typical BBC hypocrisy.'

Hard to disagree with that...

From here

Are you worried about leaving your car in a city centre multi storey car park?

Are you worried about leaving your car in a city centre multi storey car park? I may have found one that might ease your concerns:

'On entrance to the car park the driver is issued with a barcoded ticket. This barcode is scanned by a ticket machine and linked to a specific parking bay when the driver types in the bay number.
This activates the specially-designed motion sensor located in the ground beneath the car. When the driver returns they may only gain entrance to the building using their ticket and, on payment of the parking charges, the sensor is turned off.

The sensor detects any movement of the car and triggers an alarm process if the associated parking ticket has not yet been marked as paid. As well as detecting the horizontal motion of the car being driven off the sensor also checks for vertical motion such as that caused by a person getting into the car.

The car park is monitored by a control room operator using 190 CCTV cameras and a computerised map of the building. The operator also monitors pedestrian access and emergency buttons and has the ability to lock down all exit points. A PA system allows the operator to communicate with anybody inside the building.

After several years of evidence that the system worked, a guarantee was introduced stating that the costs of repairing any damage caused by "theft of or theft from the vehicle while secured in the car park" would be covered by Parksafe Systems. To avoid fraudulent claims, the entrance includes several CCTV cameras that record the state of the cars before they are left in the car park.

Following one customer complaint about a small scratch, foam barriers were placed between the parking bays to prevent doors opening into neighbouring vehicles.'

Sounds wonderful? Unfortunately you'll only be able to use this car park if you park in Derby at the Bold Lane car park. Driving there and catching the train to London from Derby each day seems a touch excessive. That might even be just a little bit more expensive than repairing the dings in my car's wings and doors from careless parkers picked up in London car parks.

More about Derby's Bold Lane car park here

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum' per BBC News

The BBC seem to be trying to mislead people with this piece of news.

The lead in to this story on the BBC home page is
'Dutch populist calls Moroccans 'scum''

The headline on the article page is:
'Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum''

Was there really no room for the word  'some' on the BBC home page or were the BBC deliberately trying to mislead people as to what Geert Wilders actually said?

The BBC misleading its viewers on a matter relating to Israel?

The BBC's institutional anti Israel coverage is so clear that I wonder just how damming the Balen Report was.

Friday, 17 February 2017

"Clinton Probe May Move to Front Burner Again"

Bill Still gives hope that Hillary Clinton might yet face a prison term.

Danny Dyer taking 'short break' from EastEnders, is he the next Doctor Who?

Who's going to succeed Peter Capaldi as The Doctor? It seems that Danny Dyer might be clearing the decks...

'Earlier this month, Dyer said he would be keen to take on the lead role in Doctor Whowhen Peter Capaldi retires.'

I have a sneak preview of some of the new Doctor's dialogue:
"Oi Davros, you slag. Move the hell out of here before I punch you so hard your eyes will never open again! "

Hardly bears thinking about...

Tony Blair calls for people to 'rise up' against Brexit per BBC News

The BBC report Tony Blair's words but it's this piece that set me thinking:

'Previously, Mr Blair has called for the views of the "16 million" people who had backed remaining in the EU not to be ignored.

He has argued that there has to be a way, either "through Parliament, or an election, or possibly through another referendum, in which people express their view".'

Imagine that the Remain campaign had won the EU Referendum by 52:48, or 51:49, or even by one solitary vote. Would the Remain side be saying that the 16 million people who voted to Leave the EU should not have their views ignored? Of course not. The remainiacs are showing their anti democratic side.

Just as when the Irish and French gave the 'wrong' answer in referendums, it is clear that to the remainiacs giving the 'wrong' answer is not acceptable and the pro EU side will push for referendum after referendum until the British people give the 'correct' answer at which point there will be no further referendum, ever.

CNN bias towards Hillary Clinton - in their own words

I know that I posted this piece of video during the US Presidential Election campaign but I thought that it was worth repeat posting now to remind us of how biased CNN was and is.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Trump launches stinging attack on media per BBC News

The BBC report President Donald Trump's attack on the media:

'US President Donald Trump has launched a ferocious attack on the media while defending his record during his first weeks in office.

Mr Trump appeared in a nearly hour-long press conference where he lambasted the media, telling reporters their level of dishonesty was out of control.'

The BBC manage not to include themselves amongst the dishonest media, a place that they deserve.

How a student unintentionally made an explosive at U Bristol per The Safety Zone

As a followup to my last post, here's an explanation that makes sense.

It's a statement about the incident, prepared byTimothy C. Gallagher, a chemistry professor and dean of the Faculty of Science, and Nicholas C. Norman, head of the school of chemistry.

Bristol University student accidentally made explosive per BBC News

This BBC report leads me to ask two questions. Read it, here's the key part:

'University buildings were evacuated when a student accidentally made the same highly explosive substance that was used in the Paris terror attacks.

An investigation by Bristol University has found that triacetone triperoxide (TATP) was "unintentionally formed during a routine procedure".'

Are you, like me, asking how one accidentally makes the explosive TATP?

Are you also asking what routine procedure lead to the unintentional forming of TATP?

Do you think there might be more to this story than we're being told?

Hamas hardliner?

When I saw this BBC report on Hamas's new leader, some things stuck out like sore thumbs.

'The Palestinian militant group Hamas has elected a hardline commander of its armed wing as the movement's overall leader in the Gaza Strip.

Yehiya Sinwar replaces Ismail Haniyeh, a former prime minister in the territory's Hamas-run government.

Mr Sinwar was jailed in Israel for murder but freed under a deal when Hamas released an Israeli in 2011.

Hamas rejects Israel's right to exist and Mr Sinwar is known to oppose any compromise with the Jewish state.

Some Hamas leaders have suggested a long truce with Israel if it completely withdraws to pre-1967 ceasefire lines and lifts its blockade of Gaza.

The movement's charter, however, calls for Israel's destruction and it is designated a terrorist group by Israel, the US, EU and other world powers.'

The use of the word 'hardline' I thought was interesting. a quick google of Yehiya Sinwar reveals that he's not just hardline:
'Fears are growing of an escalation in conflict in the Middle East after Hamas in Gaza elected a new leader who wants to improve links between the group and Isis.

Yahya Sinwar, 55, who will succeed Ismail Haniyeh, 54, has also argued for prioritising links with Iran ahead of more moderate allies such as Egypt and the Gulf states.'
I've been arguing for some time that Hamas is no better than ISIS when it comes to being an Islamist  terrorist organisation. Now it seems that the link might be more than theoretical. Of course many in the Labour Party see Hamas as 'friends' and proudly scream "we are all Hamas now" at anti-Israel protests, which makes it hard for the pro Labour Party/institutionally anti-Israel BBC to take a contrary view. So the BBC opt for ignoring the inconvenient fact that Hamas may be linking up with ISIS.

Later in the article I read something that I don't remember the BBC stating so clearly before, maybe my complaints have had an effect after all:

'Israel and Egypt maintain a blockade around Gaza aimed at preventing attacks by militants there, though the measure has been condemned by rights groups as a form of collective punishment.'
 The BBC acknowledging that Egypt also blockades Gaza, we make progress. However the BBC also push the idea that this blockade is a form of 'collective punishment' when it's not and is a legitimate counter terrorism act, one step forward...

Unfortunately the BBC are back on the anti-Israel propaganda bandwagon immediately afterwards:

'Yehiya Sinwar was jailed for four life terms by Israel in 1989 for a series of offences, including murder and kidnapping.'
 Shall we put some meat on those bare bones?

Here's the Times of Israel reporting on Yehiya Sinwar's conviction:
“Sinwar, sentenced to life in 1989 for murdering Palestinian collaborators with Israel, spent 22 years in Israeli prisons before being released in the 2011 prisoner exchange deal for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.”
“He [Sinwar] has boasted more than once of the manner in which he executed collaborators. At one point he became known as “The Man of the Twelve” for the twelve Palestinians, suspected collaborators, whom he murdered with his own hands. The number has gone up since then.
Sinwar is the man who established the Al-Majd intelligence unit, which operated against collaborators from the start of the first intifada. In a report written by Amit Cohen, a reporter for Ma’ariv at the time, Sinwar recalled how Hamas’s spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin granted him a fatwa allowing him to execute anyone who confessed to collaborating. Wonder of wonders, they all confessed.”

I wonder why the BBC want to minimise the descriptions of the crimes that Yehiya Sinwar was convicted for. Maybe the new Hamas leader deserves a second chance, after all he only killed those who collaborated with Israel.

The BBC's institutional anti-Israel coverage is incessant, I wonder what the Balen Report really said about it.

Stoke Central’s Muslim voters warned they will go to hell if they do not vote Labour in anti-Ukip text

The Sun reports that:

'Stoke Central’s Muslim voters warned they will go to hell if they do not vote Labour in anti-Ukip text


One message said failure to back Labour’s Gareth Snell would see “anti-Islam” Ukip win. It ranted: “Will you be able to answer for this in the Grave and on the Final Day??? ‘I helped the Enemies of Islam because…’”

You can see the actual messages in full  in the Sun article. Somehow I doubt that the BBC will report this news in any way.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Apologies for not posting commenst

The new Blogger interface seems to hide that you have unpublished comments. I've just browsed around and found 14, 13 of which I've published and one of which I have not - I really am not a fan of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump's Tweets as an early 2000s Emo song

Donald Trump's Tweets as an early 2000s Emo song.

Sheer genius!

"Climate Fraud - NOAA's Global Temperature Dataset"

UK unemployment falls by 7,000 to 1.6m per BBC News who are looking for a line to attack these figures on

The BBC are devastated to have to report that:

'UK unemployment fell by 7,000 to 1.6m in three months to December, while average earnings rose 2.6%, figures show. '

An attack line will have to be formulated, the BBC cannot allow good economic news to be reported when there's a Conservative government in power.

A while back when unemployment fell we were told by the BBC that it didn't matter because average earnings were falling. Now unemployment is failing and average earnings are rising, I wonder what the problem will be? Zero hours contracts is my bet...

Female MP abuse 'puts women off politics' says Diane Abbott per BBC News

This BBC report informs us about one side of the incident last week:

'Women may be deterred from entering politics because of abuse suffered by female MPs, Diane Abbott says.

The shadow home secretary said she was speaking out about her own experiences after recently receiving a series of threats and insults.

Last week Brexit secretary David Davis was branded "sexist" for reportedly sending a text saying he would not hug Ms Abbott because he was "not blind".

His spokeswoman said he was "very sorry" for any offence caused.'

Oddly the pro Labour Party BBC don't find the space to report that prior to David Davis sending that text there was an incident in the House of Commons when David Davis congratulated Diane Abbott for supporting the Government bill on Article 50 only to be told to "fuck off" by the 'honourable lady'.

I suppose that the BBC don't want to sully the reputation of the pure of heart and mouth Diane Abbott...

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

6 minutes of Trey Gowdy that explains why Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and repeat viewing may ensure that she is so prosecuted soon

Trey Gowdy making much sense...

"Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience""

A must watch video of an address by Nobel Physics Laureate Ivar Glaevar on Global Warming. The jokes aren't up to much and he does move from topic to topic too quickly but there's a lot of facts there that deserve to be heard.

Every BBC warmist should be made to watch this video...

Piers Morgan talking sense!

I am no fan of Piers Morgan, in fact I'm often quite rude about him. However I find it hard to disagree with most of what he says in this interview.

"Andrew Neil shows under fire John Bercow no mercy as he roasts him over Trump row!"

Andrew Neil in fine form as he takes the piss out of John Bercow's political posturing.

Manchester Airport 'pipe bomb' suspect in court per BBC News but it's not terrorism

The last line of this BBC report has me puzzled:

'A man accused of having a pipe bomb in his hand luggage at Manchester Airport has appeared in court.

Nadeem Muhammed, 43, of Tinline Street, Bury, was stopped by security staff on 30 January.

He was questioned and then released by police, before his rearrest on Sunday.

The Pakistani national, charged with making or possessing an explosive under suspicious circumstances, was remanded in custody and is due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on 13 March.

Katie McCreath, defending, indicated that he would be plead not guilty to the charge at a future hearing.

Jessica Hart, prosecuting, said the case would not be proceeding under the terrorism protocol.'

He is alleged to have had a pipe bomb in his luggage. Other than terrorism what could the motive possibly have been?

What's sauce for the racist goose is not sauce for the racist gander

What would happen to a white politician who said that "black skin is sub-humxn."...."Black ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual"?

The media would scream RACIST and hound them until they were forced out of public life. This would happen in the USA, in the UK where the BBC would lead the attacks, and of course in ever so politically correct Canada.

It would seem that this may not be the case when it's a black lives matter activist in Canada abusing white people.

'She also faced controversy in the news for a tweet posted a year ago stating: "Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today."

While these remarks alarmed many Canadians, they pale in comparison to a statement numerous sources forwarded to the Sun that Khogali appears to have posted on Facebook in late 2015.

"Whiteness is not humxness," the statement begins. "infact, white skin is sub-humxn." The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.

"White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual," the post reads towards the end. "white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to."'

You can read more about this here but somehow I doubt that the story will be reported by the BBC.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Passengers leave plane as pilot 'rants' about divorce and Trump per BBC News

The BBC report that:

'Passengers leave plane as pilot 'rants' about divorce and Trump

United Airlines removed a pilot from a flight bound for San Francisco from Austin, Texas on Saturday after the pilot's behaviour alarmed passengers.'

Unfortunately nobody is removing from the airwaves the BBC 'journalists' who are pushing an anti President Donald Trump agenda day after day after day.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Is the BBC biased?: Hugh Sykes on trial

This piece by Craig at the wonderfully detailed provides a full transcript of the BBC Feedback section that I picked up on in my piece here

The transcript lays out Hugh Sykes' discomfort for your reading pleasure.

Is the BBC biased?: Hugh Pym says the BBC got it about right

The BBC's relentless attacks on the Conservative government over the NHS for the last week or so has been hard to ignore. Attacks that neatly tie up with the Labour Party's best chance of garnering support.

So I was intrigued to read this piece at the wonderful  It records the views of the BBC's Hugh Pym, you won't be amazed to learn that he thinks that the BBC had not been partial in its reporting, here's an extract:

'SAMIRA AHMED: Some complaints have been that it's felt the BBC has been politically campaigning and saying this is all about more funding for the NHS. 

HUGH PYM: Well, there is a groundswell of opinion that the NHS should have more funding, that health spending in the UK as a whole as a share of national income is below France and Germany, has fallen. The IFS during the week have made clear that spending will fall in a way it has never done before in terms of spending per head of the population. We have taken those arguments and put them forward. We've been accused in the past of not addressing lack of funding. We haven't been politicising it. We've stated what the facts are, and there is actually a cross-party move now campaigning for more funding. Equally, we have been very clear that there are some who feel the NHS could make more efficient use of its resources and we have reflected that argument, that it's not just about money, it's about better ways of joining up care, better ways of spending money. But it is an important debate and I think it's only right to address the issue of funding throughout the week. '

It's odd how this alleged "groundswell of opinion" is a good thing but votes against Brexit or pro President Donald Trump are unfortunate manifestations of populism.

John Bercow 'impartial' despite Remain vote per BBC News

John Bercow has been revealed as being anti Brexit, anti President Donald Trump and pro immigration, something tells me that the BBC will definitely not be saying that he's not impartial.

Imagine that the House of Commons speaker had been revealed as being pro Brexit, pro President Donald Trump and anti unfettered immigration. Something tells me that the BBC would be casting doubts as to his suitability for the impartial role of Speaker.

Remember that the BBC is also meant to be politically impartial, but isn't.

You can read more about the BBC and John Bercow here on the BBC

If you want to know more about John Bercow then Saturday's Times might be of interest... The BBC will definitely not be reporting that piece of news linking John Bercow and Keith Vaz.